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US OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP is coming soon! - Feb 6, 2013 -


Tigon Year End Party & Ceremony - Dec 18, 2012 -

Tigon Sparring Team


What a great flying kick!!!! Good Job Michael!! - April 3, 2012 -

Tigon Sleep Over - December 15, 2011 -


Tigon Promotion Test for Black Belt Student

- December 8, 2011 -


Simi Open Championship Coming Soon!

September 17, Saturday 9:30 a.m.

- August 23, 2011 -



California Invitational Championship Coming Soon!!!


- April 9, 2011 -


Black Belt Ceremony

- October 23, 10 -

"Simi Open" is coming soon!Updated on 8/24/10

"October 9, 2010"


Training Instructor Course at New Third Studio Updated on 5/26/10


Welcome to Tigon Kids! Ki hap!!! Updated on 2/13/10

Christmas Demo at Arc Center of Ventura County in Simi -12/23/09-

We wish you a Marry Christmas & a happy new year! 


Referee & Staff Party After Simi Open 

at Kwan Jang Nim's House

-September 30, 09 -

Tigon Belt Ceremony - July 27 & 28 -

 Instructor's Enrichment Training at Zuma Beach!- June 29 09 -


Black Belt Summer Camp at Oak Park


June 19(Friday) 5:00 p.m. - June 20(Saturday) 12:00 p.m.

- Camp Fire, Talent Show, Outdoor Movie Night, Cooking Contest, BBQ time, and Volleyball -



August 29, 09 (Saturday)

"Form, Sparring, High Kick, Sword Fighting, Korean Wrestling, Board Breaking, and Limbo"

"Special Team Competition!"

Pair Game and Team Competition!


"Student of the picture" - June 4, 09 -


Taeguk Number 2, 4, 6,  & Korye is updated and Sleep Over Video

- Updated on April 30, 09 - 


We had so much fun! Thank you Mom and Dad for this night!

Click Here For more Pics! and Videos!

- Updated on April 25, 09 -

Sleep Over is coming soon!

April 24, 09 6:30 p.m. 

"Brazilian Jiujitsu class is getting really popular!"  updated on April 16, 09

Come on & Join our amazing workout class! You can make best shape ever without injuries!


"Another Challenging - You never give up!"  updated on April 16, 09

Even though you could not succed, you have now new target to challege for 2010



"Challenging is beautiful!"  updated on March 2, 09

Master Chang's victory at Gracie Barra Championship! Click here for more pics


Belt Testing is coming soon! on Jan 26 & 27 (Mon&Tue)!

Check it out our new feature "Tigon Video Gallery" right below photo gallery section!

updated on Jnauary 17, 09

"Click Here to see VIDEO!" 

Merry Chritsmas & Happy New Year! for 2009

"What a Black Belt Promotion Test!"

"All 17 students challenged for earning their black belt! It was very hard but they are the real winners!"

November 7, 08 - 6:00 p.m.


Wow! We are so exciting! We can not wait!

 Student of the Month - Sep 6, 08 -


       Braden Taylor              Nick Passafaro         Ashley Taylor               Jake Allen

      Anna Hamilton          Morgan Sherman           Giovanni Caal             Maxwell Orloff

       Alexis Parral               Tigon Chang           Ana-Gloria Walls          Chris Capaldo


       Carly Condon              Delilah Orloff            Addison Martinez           Karen Pelone 

Perfect Score Students - Sep 06, 08 -

       Lucie Locklin            Jason Villanueva             Allen Loyd             Rita Nghiem

    Stephanie Pham         Cassidy Johnson            Rich Pham              Seamus Riley

Christine Roudebush         Annelise Crown           Allison Prentice           Travis Machin


     Jeremiah Crown              Allie George


Wow! All Instructors had great team work training! We love Taekwondo! Go! Go! Go! Tigon Team! Click the pic for more!!!



Letter from Master David Chang




 Updated News Minimize

 "Simi Open" is coming soon!

Sep 21, 2013 Saturday

at Light House Bible Church


California Invitational Championship is coming soon!

May 4, 2013 Saturday

at Birmingham High School



"Feb 24, Sun, 2013"- Feb 6, 2013 -



Tigon Fight Team - Feb 6, 2013-

Sign up for State Champion!


California Invitational Championship is coming soon!

June 2, Saturday

at Simi High School


- April 3, 2012 -


"Instructor Jen got 1st place"

for both Form & Sparring!

Sleep Over 2011  - Dec 15, 2011 -

 Coming Soon!

"Simi Open Championship"

September 17, 2011



 Coming Soon!

"California Invitational Championship"

May 21, 2011


Congratulations to all new 17

 Black Belt students!October 23, 2010

Instructor Training Course at

3rd Studio 8/26/10 

Click here to see more picturs!


1st degree Black Belt Test

October 1 & 16 up coming!


Simi Open is coming soon!

- October 9, 2010 -


Taeguk No 1-8  are updated on 8/25/10 

Click Here to see the video

What a fun championship! We will see you next year! 5/22/10

Serious Ki-hap!!! So cute!! - 2/13/10 -


"Tigon New Form Video is uploaded" 

- January 14, 2010 -


"Real Flying Side Kick"

- Inst. Peter Baek - July 6, 09 -

Instructor of the Month

Check it out our fun pic & video !

"It's really funny & extremely exciting!"

updated on April 25, 09


Sleep Over is Coming soon!

4/25/09 6:30 P.M.


Novaes BJJ first stripe Testing on February 23, 09

- Best Self-defense Class Ever! -

Check it out our new

"Video Gallery"

updated on Jan 17,09


Happy New Year!


Every Friday 5:30-6:30pm(1hour)

Please login to the Member's Section to download New 2009 Schedules! You will find the following information under the Calendar:

  • Tigon 2009 Calendar
  • Black Belt Test Schedule
  • US OPEN Training Schedule


"Brazilian Jiu-Jitju Class begins for 2009"


Click Here to get more Info... 

Black Belt Testing Pics  

Nov 07, 08 - 6:00 p.m.


        Belt Ceremony Demo(Sep 06, 9:30 a.m.) ! 


  Instructor's Team Spirite Training !

Just Updated 7/8/08

 Journey of 2nd Degree Black Belt ! 

♦♦♦ Lilly Cottrell ♦♦♦

Just Updated 5/28/08

 Black Belt Testing Pics are just updated !!

    Updated on My 22, 08

Split club is just updated !!

               Updated on My 09, 08

Split club is just updated !!

               Updated on April 06, 08

37th Tigon Belt Ceremony!

Clik here for more pictures!

Updated on April 06, 08

Perfect Score students for April testing  are updated!!!

clik here to watch!!

Josephine, Quinton, Holly, Christopher G,  Orin, David H. Skylenne, Cassidy, Dylan F.,Shaun, Alyssa, Sam H. Jon, Diane, Annelise, Michael, Jack Roessell, Christopher R, Lance, Megan O, Brooke, Karey, Caleb, Jonathan H.

- May 3, 07 updated -

All "A" Grade students pics are updated!!!

clik here to watch!!

- May 3, 07 updated -


"Sleep Over 2008"

Gallary is updated !

Clike here for Gallery

"April 8, 08 updated!"


"Awsome demo team!"

Golden State Championship!

Clik here for more pictures!

Updated on March 22,08

"Tigon Sleep Over "

The detail is coming soon!!!

Updated on March 19, 08

"Spring Break Class Schedule" is updated!-Updated on March 18,08

Click on here for Spring Break !!!


"Class Schedule" is updated!-Updated on March 14,08-

"Gallary section!" is updated!-Updated on March 8,08-

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